A day of inspiration at BBC New Broadcasting House


I spent the day at BBC New Broadcasting House on Thursday, along with my course mates.

The huge modern building houses thousands of people working for one of the biggest and well-known corporations in the world.

For any trainee or wannabe journalists, the BBC is the optimum. Many of the greatest journalists have worked and continue to work for the BBC.

The corporation itself has been under much scrutiny over the last few years – with the Jimmy Saville scandal, bosses being paid off with huge sums of tax payer’s money, and lots of internal politics being aired in front of the media.

But it is the world’s largest broadcast news organisation and the industry leader.

During my Masters course we are taught to aim all our work towards BBC standards and during our Law and Ethics module we are told to follow the BBC Guidelines.

Of course it has still competition in the UK from ITN, Chanel 4 and SKY News, as well as numerous international broadcasters, but generally remains at the forefront of news production.

Within the building, there is a ‘Media Café’ in which you can look directly into the working BBC newsroom, and even see the back of the live news studio s and weather broadcasts. This was very exciting!

I was at BBC New Broadcasting House for a course run by the BBC college of Journalism, chaired by Sian Williams – ‘Working in Hostile Environments’.

The panel was made up of  a host of successful journalists, producers and editors from BBC, SKY, Associated Press and ITN.

Seeing and listening to the advice of these experts is extremely inspiring and being inside the magnificent environment of the BBC has given  me even more focus and ambition to do well on this course.

I want to push myself even harder, so that one day, I can be one of those journalists being stared at through the glass panes of the BBC Media Café.

One day…


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